Around the time that Stay Gallery was formed, Downey Avenue was not the citadel of activity that is has become today. The creators of Stay Gallery envisioned a space where creatives and community members could enjoy culture and the arts in Downey. This was something that had been missing from the city for many years. The goal was to create a brand that could live and be a positive influence against a background of outdated businesses and corporations. 


After months of work and ideation, a beautiful place came to life. Stay Gallery celebrated its Grand Opening in 2012. Over a span of two nights, over 1,200 people visited the space to celebrate art in public places. 

Stay Gallery was created to inspire young people and bring a spirit into Downtown Downey that did not roll over and accept the widespread urban environment of bars, clubs, and restaurants. Because, there's more to experience. 


With a strong brand, Stay Gallery has gone on to build robust programs for local youth, students, artists and community programs that needed a place to call home. They've galvanized an audience unlike any other business in the Downtown area. 

Designing their portfolio, which includes Stay Gallery's logo, facade, interior design, website, photography, retail collection, program branding, event flyers, print advertisements, and newspaper features, Stay Gallery has been able to attract and influence their audience unlike any other group in the city.