Gaucho Grill is one of the more special brands and case studies that we've experienced. Leading up to the financial crisis of 2008, Gaucho had over 10 locations in Southern California. They literally boomed in the 90s and early 2000s. However, during the crisis, many of the locations were quickly sold off. Fast forward to 2015, our team was approached by the local owners to support their venture with a breath of life and get on board for an opportunity of growth. 


Our first endeavor in the development of Gaucho Grill's brand was to create cohesive guidelines, a website to match, and a social media plan. Our team put together menu designs, marketing materials, and digital advertisement outlines.


 What set Gaucho Grill apart from the list of clients we have had the honor of working with is that they wanted consulting on a much greater scale. This is the first project where a massive artistic element was implemented. The Gaucho 'Bull' mural is as much of the customer experience as the food itself. This is something we are confident in and eternally proud to have contributed to a strong local brand.