Like cities, school districts traditionally have a seal and this is often used as a brand. It is important to preserve this seal as it is a resource in any brand's toolbox. For instance, a seal might live properly on an official document, but it is not going to be as effective with the general public or in a public relations campaign. The goal for Downey Unified was to bear in mind that their seal is part of an overall identity, but a logo modernizes and visually engages the brand. Downey Unified School District was well aware of this need, as they were also embarking on creating a new strategic plan. 


During the process of developing a modern brand identity for the school district, we also helped DUSD write a new narrative for its students, faculty, and administration. These kinds of workshops are a great process. The process involved students, faculty, support staff, custodial staff, and the district administration. 


The bottom line to this story is that one one in the area is doing what Downey Unified has done. Downey Unified has since continued to be a leading force in public education. Students in DUSD experience a level of engagement and innovation that is unparalleled. It is our goal to continue this tradition. In order to do so, we extended our services to also train prepare their Public Relations department to best use the brand, assets, and marketing strategies.