Many cities and municipalities tend to use their seal as their brand identity. This is fine, and it works, but it does not necessarily allow for your brand to be engaged on a wider spectrum. When looking to rebrand themselves, the city approached us with the awareness towards needing to engage people through social media marketing, official documents, and even general city public relations. In this scenario, a seal is not enough and is even somewhat of an antiquated resource. 



A brand is only as good as the amount of reach it has and the genuine story it tells. One of the challenges of working with a small city, like Downey, is that not many people know what makes it special - at least those who live elsewhere. We developed a concept that encouraged residents and neighbors to "Discover Downey." Eventually, this became the City's tagline.

The concept of "Discovering Downey" is especially timeless because it gives the brand a range that we couldn't have imagined to be any more useful and powerful. The narrative we tell here us rooted in bringing to light all of the great things that their community identifies with: arts, culture, industry, and people. By Welcoming people to "Discover Downey," we are standing behind our belief that Downey is special and its story is worth telling.